Water Maintenance

ASG Civil appreciates the critical nature of a responsive and agile maintenance service. We guarantee a round-the-clock, 24/7 service, ensuring our clients can access top-notch repair work from our dedicated and seasoned team.

ASG Civil is an ISO-certified water and utility contractor offering comprehensive services to water authorities, councils, and private enterprises. We leverage the most advanced technology and equipment to address complex challenges and support network repairs. Our team is fully resourced and ready to provide both emergency and preventive maintenance and construction.

Our water maintenance services include:

Emergency Response

At ASG Civil, we provide constant support and are ready to respond to all emergency situations. Our team is proficient in performing all water main repairs under pressure. We can manage network shutdowns, control environmental damage, perform dirty water flushing to enhance water quality, and conduct site clean up. We possess a large operational fleet to respond to all situations and employ non-destructive digging technology to manage third-party assets of all repairs. We carefully evaluate every situation to thoroughly understand the location of assets to avoid causing any damage to the surrounding infrastructure.

Water Main Repair & Maintenance

Our clients rely on us to handle even the most complex situations. For aging assets and infrastructure, we provide a prompt and effective service to rectify and repair damaged assets. We can assist clients with the location of underground assets, repair of damaged or leaking assets including water mains up to 2400mm in diameter, and leaking valves or hydrants. Our team is equipped to replace stop taps or meters as needed.

Hydrant Replacement Programs

ASG Civil is adept at performing comprehensive hydrant replacements, with a focus on minimising disruption to the community. We achieve this by employing the latest tools and techniques, and our management experience across both small and large scale projects is second to none.

Valve Replacement Programs

For valve replacement programs, ASG Civil can manage the entire project scope. We utilise the most recent technology to mitigate and prevent disruption to the local community, ensuring that works are completed swiftly and to the highest standard. We employ GIS scheduling and planning platforms to facilitate efficient response to a large program of valve replacement projects.

Complex Repairs using Advanced Technology

For more intricate projects, ASG Civil has access to large-scale equipment and can employ cutting-edge, innovative technology to guarantee a seamless process. We are specialists in hydro excavation and non-destructive digging (NDD), maintaining the integrity of underground assets while carrying out works. Complex repairs can include large water main replacements, repairing bursts or leaks under roads, freeways, or waterways, connecting infrastructure into existing networks, high-pressure waterman repairs, and collaborations with external agencies and third parties.

Deep Trenching

Our team has vast experience in deep trenching and excavation, and we are committed to ensuring that works adhere to the highest safety standards. Deep trenching is a high-risk activity, and we manage our own trench shoring and shield installation to enable safe and efficient execution of deep trenching exercises.

Our team members are certified, trained, and experienced in handling all complex scenarios, and we uphold the highest safety standards across all our projects.