Sewer Maintenance

ASG Civil are certified live sewer construction and maintenance contractors. We cater to a diverse range of clients, spread across metropolitan and regional water authorities, and including local councils and private industry.

Our skilled and dedicated team is ready and available 24/7 to address any emergency situations. We provide preventative maintenance to ensure this essential infrastructure operates at peak performance. We leverage cutting-edge technology and equipment to rectify all sewer network faults and undertake a variety of repairs to minimise disruption to the community.

Our sewer maintenance services include:

Large House Connections Branches (HBC) Repair:

We offer quick and effective HCB repair services, including emergency repair. Our seasoned and certified team can handle a wide range of activities. We utilise several repair methods and equipment and can conduct deep excavation, with large excavator arms to support extended reach. We also have access to smaller equipment to ensure we can mobilise into smaller, confined areas within the inner suburbs. We uphold the highest safety standards, using advanced technology and equipment and safety shields for deep repair. We hold qualifications in confined space entry.

CCTV Inspections & Condition Assessment Analytics:

We conduct inspections and condition assessments of sewer lines using the latest CCTV technology. Our application of robotics and intelligent network assessments guarantees quick location and assessment of defects to identify cracks, deformations, or infiltrations. We can also perform internal inspections using fiber optic cable and apply SMART reporting techniques, providing our clients with comprehensive asset and data condition reports.

Jet Cleaning

We deploy the latest pressure jet cleaning equipment capable of clearing sewer or drainage blockages quickly and efficiently. Our jet units are equipped with the newest high-pressure equipment that uses IoT to assist in clearing hard blockages across the network. We also provide general routine cleaning of internal network sewer systems or drainage assets to promote longevity and quality of the asset life.

Root cutting

ASG Civil employs robotic technology to safely and efficiently cut roots causing problems for sewer systems. Our team has considerable experience in identifying asset faults, clearing assets, and repairing asset damage using a variety of repair methods.

Vacuum loading – Combo cleaning

At ASG Civil, we use industrial vacuum loading combination units to extract waste solids and liquids from sewer lines. Our units possess high-velocity vacuum capability to handle even the most complex jobs. We can employ our vacuum units for cleaning sites after contaminated spills, and for other similar projects. We ensure collected liquids and solids are reused, recycled, or disposed of in accordance with our client’s preferences and within EPA guidelines.

Sewer manhole JUG replacements

ASG Civil is equipped to handle all complex projects for removing and replacing sewer manhole JUGs across the infrastructure network. Our clients rely on ASG Civil because of our experienced team and the equipment available. We recognise that JUG installation or replacement is a high-risk activity and we leverage our expertise to manage all projects safely and on time.

Sewer manhole repairs

We use advanced lifting alignment technology to complete the installation of new manholes, even in challenging urban environments. We can also repair existing manholes, ensuring minimal or no disruption to existing services.

Deep sewer excavations

ASG Civil has a rich experience in deep sewer excavations and we maintain the highest standards of health and safety. We possess all the necessary deep excavation equipment, including safety shields and guards, and confined space entry permits.