Complex Civil Construction

ASG Civil provides a vast array of services across various sectors. As a certified contractor, we bring a wealth of specialist experience in infrastructure construction and management to the table.

Our experienced team members are adept at managing complex projects in both planned and reactive environments. They hold the necessary qualifications to tackle all projects, and we utilise the most recent equipment and cutting-edge technology to minimise disruption and ensure our clients and the community reap maximum value from every project.

For all your complex civil construction requirements, ASG Civil is ready to offer innovative approaches and forward-thinking solutions.

We provide the following services:

Conventional Construction

ASG Civil provides a comprehensive scope of works ranging from project management and planning to excavation and full installation. This ensures seamless delivery and adherence to project timelines. Our experienced team specialises in project engineering and design, construction, project management and planning, capability assessment, asset modelling, and safety assessment.

Watermain Renewals

We provide services to lift and relay water pipes in built-up areas. Fully understanding the complexities of operating within urban and densely populated environments, we aim to minimise community disruption. Our team can remove or renew original infrastructure along the same alignment or relocate it for water mains ranging from 100mm up to 2100mm in diameter. We have the capacity to renew water mains, valves, and meters and can realign new or existing infrastructure.

Directional Drilling & Pipe Bursting

We understand the multitude of issues that burst pipes can present, and we work swiftly and efficiently to control such situations. Our team is equipped to drill under roads, footpaths, waterways and parklands to complete projects with minimal disruption to the community.

Disconnection & Reconfiguration of Infrastructure Network

ASG Civil is prepared to undertake complicated projects such as the disconnection and reconfiguration of infrastructure, including installing tee insertions and complex water main ‘dog-legs’. We can also assist with relocating a pipeline asset.

Installation of Pressure Reducing Valve stations (PRV)

Our team is experienced in installing or replacing PRVs up to 600mm in diameter. Our installations are fully scoped from design to delivery, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality service.

Tapping Under Pressure (TUP)

We offer a fully scoped under-pressure tapping service for drill sizes up to 600mm in diameter. Our TUP service is delivered with no disruption to the water supply or sewer network for industrial, commercial & domestic purposes.

New Developer Works

ASG Civil is accredited and equipped to provide connections into the existing water and sewer network for new residential and commercial developments. We ensure all projects are managed and delivered efficiently. We offer CCTV and condition assessments of the new assets to meet quality and safety requirements.